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What It Takes To Be A Leader

by Jose Hansen

“Follow me and I’ll take you there” is the common motto we see from a leader.

The leader leads by example and shows people where to step and where to avoid. The leader says “I’ve done this before” and they guide the community, group, team, etc. They don’t always have the answers, but they find out what steps they need to take.

Think Donald Trump, whether you hate him or like him, has been a leader since he was young. His success proves it. People will say he inherited his money, blah blah blah, but it still takes a leader to not lose that money and to use it as leverage for other businesses. He’s had failures, but he has also had successes.

A leader will always fight for what he or she believes in and will do what it takes for their team.


They don’t always have the answers and they do make mistakes. They’re not perfect, but it’s through those hurdles they have to jump to make it to their destination. Many people look at Trump’s failures but will turn their head the other way when you show them his successful stories.

Why do we do that? Is it because we don’t like them and we want to see them fail?

Because if it is, then that speaks more about us than it does about them, don’t you think?

All people can be leaders in this world, it just depends on what type of people they want to lead. Look at another example, Steve Jobs. Despite his attitude and the way he treated his workers, he was a great leader. He got things done and he unleashed his worker’s true potential. Many of his workers thought what he wanted to create was impossible or it wouldn’t work. It’s his desire to push through these assumptions that made him the iconic figure that entrepreneurs and business owners in Silicon Valley look up to today.


Sometimes it takes a special kind of person to have a self-belief that they can achieve what it is that they want. Let’s look at Trump again, he came into the race for the Republican nominee with no experience and against all odds. He formed his team to dominate the competitors against everyone’s beliefs about him and how well he would do. People are still afraid that he won, but that right there is a true leader.

About My Last Post

by Jose Hansen

My last post was about Grant Cardone and how he used obsession to save his life. We’re constantly afraid of the unknown, that’s just a human trait. We don’t like being uncomfortable and we hate being put on the spot. I know I do. I started watching a video of Grant Cardone on the frontline of his business making phone calls. The calls he is making are warm leads, somewhat warm, but he closes just shy of $60k in 30 minutes. That’s remarkable. I love his enthusiasm and charisma that he has while on the phone. He uses the same process over and over again. Why?

Because it works. His process works and it continues to works over time. Grant is the perfect example of how to close deals on the phone. His no B.S. attitude and his way of handling objections make people jealous. I figured that whenever I need help trying to get ahead in my life, I watch his video of his sales team taking action and it makes me work harder. It’s almost as if I’m in the room with them closing deals.

His sales training is the state of the art training that’ll train you the best salesman you can possibly be. It’s the #1 sales training system in the world. Now if only I can get the $5k to invest in it. Check out Grant himself closing a deal…


Your only option is Obsession

by Jose Hansen

Reading Chapter 2 of the same book, BOBA(Be Obsessed or Be Average), made me realize how much we listen to advice from people that are not successful. In this chapter, Cardone explains how we only have one option if we want to get out of our ugly situation. We need to become obsessed.

Somewhere in our lives, we had a dream or multiple dreams, and someone talked us out of doing it. Someone convinced us that we needed to take a break and that it’s ok to become average. I love people like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk because they’re so blunt and straightforward in the sense that they’ll tell you when you’re screwing up. Everyone will tell you if you’re doing something illegal, or unethical, yadda yadda, but nobody tells you when you’re being like everybody else. Nobody tells you “Hey you’ve been lounging on that couch over there watching Netflix for days” because it’s the normal thing to do.

Cardone tells his readers that “Only you are responsible for your success” and that “It’s okay to want it all”. That kind of mentality is what got successful people to where they are at. They didn’t stay at a 9-5 job, invest in a 401k, buy a house in the suburbs to get rich. They worked their asses off and reinvested their money into their businesses. Elon Musk put all of his remaining $100 million into Telsa, SpaceX, and I believe SolarCity to the point where he needed to borrow money from friends and relatives to pay his rent. Now that is OBSESSED!

Our parents and teachers give us advice like “Take a break” or “Don’t work too hard, you’ll burn out”. Compare that to quotes like from Ali who said “I am the greatest” or Jobs that said, “I want to put a dent in the universe”.

Another problem is that we notice these quotes from successful people, but then we have the little voice in our heads telling us “Well, we can’t all be like Steve Jobs” and then that’s it, we’re done. As soon as we shut ourselves down, we immediately shut down our brain and go back to a normal, average and a dull life. The worst part is that many of us are okay with that. We’re okay being comfortable and it’s time to get out of our comfort zones. Steve Jobs died, but he left a legacy behind him and Ali will always be remembered as the greatest. I love hearing about start-ups that disrupt industries and start a revolution. Uber disrupted the taxi industry and AirBnB disrupted the hotel industry. It’s not over, I’m glad I’m hearing about the new entrepreneurs taking risks and taking names. Recently I heard of multiple start-ups in Silicon Valley and Austin, the two tech capitols of the U.S. Austin is a compact city, but many start-ups have risen from that small tech incubator. Recently I heard of this entrepreneur who wanted to make a change in the moving company industry by using reusable moving boxes. You could rent these moving boxes and return them afterward. It was great for the environment and the boxes were very durable. There was also a small Austin iPhone repair service that became mobile and they quickly fixed your device in their van. Their website had a service similar to Uber where they sent a tech right away to your location and get your iPhone fixed. It beats the cell phone repair shops in that area and it is extremely convenient. These are things I sometimes think about, but it doesn’t matter if I don’t act on those ideas. Planning and execution are everything in the entrepreneur world. Elon Musk just didn’t talk about going to Mars, he built a private space company as well as Jeff Bezos with his company. With that, I’ll leave you and I hope you find the time to read Cardone’s book, go search for it on Amazon, it’ll be worth it. Here’s a video of a “Think Different” ad narrated by Steve Jobs himself.

Be Obsessed

by Jose Hansen

I’m in the process of reading a book by a master salesperson named Grant Cardone. I wanted to write a post about him and his book, “Be Obsessed or Be Average” because I just read the first chapter and realized that I need to be obsessed with the things I’m doing in my life. He explains how he had a vision for his life when he lost his dad at age 10. He realized that he didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck and instead wanted to become rich so he can help himself, his family and others.

It’s a good story about his early life, but it is mostly about how to change your mindset like he did to become obsessed with success. He turned to drugs in high school, didn’t make much money, and hated his life. He had a job as a car salesman at that time in his life but took a break with it when he went to a rehabilitation center for drug use. His life was rough, but he found his obsession again and that was to succeed in life. He went to work early and left at 10 pm every day. He started making money, stopped using drugs, and helped drug addicts overcome their addiction. He switched his obsessions from drugs to productivity to the point where people like his family and coworkers were telling him to take a break.

The problem is that they didn’t realize that he was fighting a tough battle with his old self. I find myself in that situation as well, but I lose every time. I need to become obsessed with business and learning programming languages, especially because I’ll be wanting to enter the workforce as a software engineer and my skills are not so well. I gave up as a pilot, became a skydiver because I needed some excitement in my life, but I feel like now reading this book opened my eyes and made me notice my daily routine. My daily routine is what is killing my productivity.

I feel good though because I don’t feel as my life is that bad. I could be wrong, but Grant had it worse than me and he got out of it. I need to do the same with mine and it starts by becoming obsessed. Click here to get to his website, you’ll find all sorts of training material for becoming better at sales, negotiating, and success. I also recommend his other book called “10X”. I listened to the audiobook, but never finished it. Here’s a video that will hopefully give you a great first impression of him. Some people think he’s cocky, but I just think that he’s obsessed.


The Real Jarvis

by Jose Hansen

About a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook announced he was going to build an A.I. named Jarvis, similar to the one from Iron Man.

He succeeded and finally built it, it’s still in its earliest phase and I assume Zuck will improve it over time. I think it’s great because this is something that I’ve always dreamed of in my type of house. To have an intelligent virtual assistance aiding you in whatever you need assistance with.

Of course, there are always critics about this sort of thing. In fact, many of those critics of A.I. are intelligent people that we look up to. For example, Elon Musk has spoken out about A.I. and the destruction of civilization if we continue on this path; and also Stephen Hawking, the disabled theoretical physicist that is one of the smartest in the world.

Now, I’d relax a bit about the rise of the machines. I believe that if we aren’t careful with our projects in A.I. then we can end up with Skynet and the Terminator. It’s not even that we choose to be careful or not, but if we even believe in ourselves that what we create can come back to destroy us. I feel that many humans think they know too much, or maybe have a kind of attitude that keeps them from taking other points of views. If that is the case, then I do think that we can destroy ourselves. We tend to think we’re creating good in the world and for the most part we are, but refuse to look at history sometimes and refuse to listen to others because we think our way is the best way. That type of arrogance and ignorance is will be the cause of our demise.

Now, I don’t think it’ll happen as soon as other people might think, but I do see it happening. If we give too much control to A.I., what’s to stop it from taking over our cyber infrastructure. A.I. cannot feel emotion, nor sympathy or empathy.

I didn’t mean to make this post negative in any sort of way, I’m excited about the future. A.I. though needs to be taken seriously and there should be limits on its capabilities. Anyway, here’s that video with Zuck and Jarvis, oh and see whose voice Zuck used for Jarvis…


An Intro

by Jose Hansen

An intro about me I guess.

I wrote one in the About Page, but whatever I’ll do it again.


I’m Jose, I like skydiving, programming, and technology(A.I.). I recently started learning programming. I learned Python before, but didn’t understand it. It got me a feel of the frustration ahead of me as a programmer. After that I learned Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, tried PHP(failed) and then C++.


C++ is by far the toughest I had to learn. There is more stuff to learn than in other languages. I think because it is what they call a medium-level language whereas the other languages were kind of high-level. High-level are easier to understand and closer to human language. Low-level are closer to machine language and is more abstract and difficult to understand. Since C++ is a medium-level, I think that is why I was having trouble.

Well, practice makes perfect, so I better get started.

I typically like Swift because I want to learn how to program apps on the iPhone. I’m in love with Apple products, but recently they’ve been lacking in creativity. Ever since Jobs died, I feel like something from Apple left with him.

Well. not to make it depressing or anything, but I also love the outdoors, hiking, working out, and skydiving. Any tech products for outdoorsy things are cool too. I’ll fill you in with later posts on this blog.